Our business

The Group is an established provider of retirement income products and services to individual and corporate clients.

We positively disrupt markets where we can become a leader, deliver great outcomes for customers and high-quality returns for shareholders.

We are a specialist in our chosen markets serving four distinct groups.

Individuals: providing retirement income

People who have built up defined contribution pension savings throughout their career and want a guaranteed income, flexible income or a combination in retirement.

Market value of DC savings: > £1 trillion

Homeowners: accessing property wealth

People aged 60+ who want to access wealth locked up in their property.

Property wealth owned by people aged over 50: £2.3 trillion

Corporate clients: solving problems for companies

We develop scalable retirement-focussed solutions for banks, building societies, life assurance companies, pension scheme trustees, other corporate clients and for their customers, clients and members.

Trustees and scheme sponsors: providing member security and de-risking pension liabilities

Defined Benefit pension schemes de-risking their liabilities by securing member benefits with an insurance contract. Addressable market: > £600 billion.

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