Our business model

Our business model is strong and differentiated and is constructed to enable us to increase our access to customers, select profitable risks and use capital efficiently.

Our scalable operating model is focussed on growing our addressable market by increasing our access to customers and serving them profitably.

Multi-channel distribution

  • Multi-channel approach encompassing both traditional and emerging channels.
  • Strong relationships with financial intermediaries, partners and employee benefit consultants ("EBCs") to distribute our individual and corporate solutions.
  • Our corporate business HUB Financial Solutions provides professional services to businesses and their customers.
  • The Group’s market leadership in the retirement income markets positions us well in winning mandates to provide insurance companies with a range of insourced and outsourced services for their customers.

Highly automated underwriting

  • Fully automated and highly scalable underwriting systems, resulting in efficient data capture and turnaround times.
  • This differentiates our service delivery, and the benefits to financial intermediaries and corporate partners are reflected in our proud record of Financial Adviser 5 Star service awards.

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